Matt Callahan Radio Homepage

Welcome to my radio homepage. In addition to computers and programming, my other nerdy hobby is radio. When I was 16, I bought my first scanner from Radio Shack, a Pro-71, and I've been listening ever since. I am a licensed amateur radio operator (K7MFC), a licensed GMRS radio opearator (WRAA720), and I am currently the Communications Officer for the Arizona GMRS Repeater Club.

But why radios?! We have cell phones in 2019, right? We do, but they don't work everywhere in Arizona. Radio is most useful to me when I'm camping and exploring the Arizona back country, miles away from cell phone service. I monitor state and federal radio communications during wildfire season, and I rely on VHF and UHF two-way radios for off-road mobile communications.

  Shack Photos

The mobile shack: 2013 Ford F-150 4x4, 3.5 EcoBoost.  Photo taken near Knoll Lake, AZ F-150 mobile shack: Uniden BCD996P2, Kenwood TK-8180 (GMRS), Kenwood TM-281A (2m), Ford SYNC/Sirius XM ( 2.3 GHz S band) Some of my handhelds, a BTECH GMRS-V1 and a Uniden BC125AT My old truck - 1999 GMC Sierra; Uniden BC355N My old truck - 2011 Nissan Frontier; Uniden BC355N + Midland 75-822 CB Realistic Patrolman 3A - a $25 eBay find in perfect working condition A weird scanner I bought around 2001 - a Sony Wavehawk ICF-SC1 My camping radio go box - filled with cheap Bauflongs!

  WRAA720 UHF Band Plan

This is my personal band plan for UHF two way radio, used primarily for outdoor recreational activities - 4x4 exploration, camping, fishing, etc. This plan allows for compatability with bubble-pack FRS radios and unlicensed users for short range communications, as well as full power operation on GMRS channels for use with family and other licensed GMRS stations.

Ch Name Frequency Tone W/N Power Notes
1 Ch 1 Simplex 462.5625 MHz N Low FRS 1/Nat'l Simplex
2 Ch 2 Simplex 462.5875 MHz N Low FRS 2
3 Ch 3 Simplex 462.6125 MHz N Low FRS 3
4 Ch 4 Simplex 462.6375 MHz N Low FRS 4
5 Ch 5 Simplex 462.6675 MHz N Low FRS 5
6 Ch 6 Simplex 462.6875 MHz N Low FRS 6
7 Ch 7 Simplex 462.7125 MHz N Low FRS 7
8 Ch 8 Simplex 462.5500 MHz 141.3 Hz N High GMRS 15/PHX 550 T
9 Ch 9 Simplex 462.5750 MHz 69.3 Hz N High GMRS 16
10 Ch 10 Simplex 462.6000 MHz 69.3 Hz N High GMRS 17
11 Ch 11 Simplex 462.6250 MHz 69.3 Hz N High GMRS 18
12 Ch 12 Simplex 462.6500 MHz 69.3 Hz N High GMRS 19
13 Ch 13 Simplex 462.6750 MHz 141.3 Hz N High GMRS 20/Nat'l Simplex
14 Ch 14 Simplex 462.7000 MHz 141.3 Hz N High GMRS 21/Camping Alpha
15 Ch 15 Simplex 462.7250 MHz 69.3 Hz N High GMRS 22/Camping Bravo
16 Ch 16 Simplex 462.5750 MHz N High GMRS 16/4x4 Off-Road Channel